Kassandras’ Project Athens


Kassandras’ Project Athens

Poster/flyer design.
Prototype building inspired by the Greek Kiosk.

Kassandra’s is situated in an unfinished structure in the neighbourhood of Votanikos, Athens. The Kassandrass’ workshop proposes a case study of Kassandras’ current topics such as the development and experimentation of design & architectural strategies within the context of a “skeleton” building and a “long-term ephemeral” attitude. Kassandras is a hybrid space situated in an un-finished building in Athens, a space where contemporary practices can find ground for (cross) breeding and experimentation in a given environment. With a group of exchange students studying at Umprum in Prague we did prototyping in the building on Kassandras street. One-to-one scale construction that doubles as a laboratory of architectural, artistic and social research.